Trinity United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018

CARES Shelter


Crisis Assistance Response and Emergency Shelter (CARES)


Several times a year and when ever a special need exists, Trinity members and groups step up to help CARES.  Crisis Assistance Response and Emergency Shelter.  Recent activities include purchasing a clothes dryer, installing a microwave, collecting Christmas gifts for shelter residents, and providing Easter breakfast.

A United Way Agency, CARES, Inc. is a regional 24-hour shelter serving the Tri-Cities area of Virginia. We serve those experiencing a housing crisis, victims of domestic violence and stranded travelers by providing meals, phone access, service referrals, travel assistance and child care. Founded in 1983, the agency initially assisted stranded travelers, as our area is transversed by two major interstates: I-85 and I-95. In 1985, a shelter for the homeless was opened through a donated use of St. Paul's Episcopal Church Rectory in Petersburg. Through community support, another shelter was opened in 1989 for homeless women and children.